Hole 1 - Rossdale Golf Club

Hole 1

Rossdale’s 1st hole starts with a par 5, an opening hole which allows all golfers to get off to a good start.  The hole is almost a double dog leg. For the long hitter the tee shot line is just left of the trees on the right corner of the fairway, this will allow a clear 2nd shot to the green. For the mid range handicapper there is plenty of room on the left side of the fairway, no need to hit your drive down the right as this will only block you out. Hitting your drive down the left side will give you a great look up the fairway and the potential to hit your third shot on the green or just short. The green is long and narrow and it is best to leave your ball either short or to the left side for the easier up and down. When approaching the green avoid going to the right, even the bunker on the right is not a friendly up and down.

To view a virtual tour of hole 1 please click the link below

Hole 1 Virtual Tour

Hole Statistics

Mens 461 m Par 5

Ladies 395 m Par 5