Hole 2 - Rossdale Golf Club

Hole 2

The second is a shorter Par 4 with large pine trees to the right and poplar trees to the left of the fairway. Off the tee you need to keep out of the right trees. For the longer hitter you have two options. The first being to hit your drive just short of the bunker on the left which will leave you 150 meters to the centre of the green or take on the bunker and hit it into the tight valley which will leave you with a wedge in hand. For the mid range handicapper the best shot off the tee is to hit your tee shot at the left bunker. Hitting your drive down the left hand side will give you the best look at the green as the green runs diagonally left to right. Approaching the green the best place to miss is short and left as this will leave you with the simplest chip shot. The green is quite raised making it  tough to get up and down from the right side and also anywhere long will leave you with a very difficult chip, Don’t go long!

To view a virtual tour of hole 2 please click the link below

Hole 2 Virtual Tour

Hole Statistics

Mens 323 m Par 4

Ladies 302 m Par 4