Club Repairs

At the Rossdale Golf Club ProShop, we offer a range of club repairs such as re-gripping, re-shafting and head modifications.
Please call the ProShop on (03) 9580 1008 to enquire about your club repairs today.


The grip is the only area that connects the golfer to the golf club, yet it’s importance is extremely undervalued, if you want to give your clubs a new feel without breaking the bank first try getting your clubs re-gripped.

The Rossdale ProShop offers an extensive re-gripping service with rubber grips starting from $8 each (including fitting) and cord grips starting from $10 each (including fitting) – other grip models can be ordered in and quoted upon request.



The golf shaft is the single most important aspect to get right to enhance each individuals game. The flex and weight of the shaft both play an important role in how far you will hit the ball and the shot dispersion.

The Rossdale ProShop can re-shaft clubs that have been accidentally broken, broken in anger (it does happen) or a golfer that may want to re-shaft his /her current equipment to better suit their game whether that be someone who potentially wants a softer flex shaft as their swing is slowing down or someone new to the game that inherited regular flex shafts but swings as hard as Brooks Koepka may need us to put X Stiff shafts into their current equipment , these services and more are offered by the guys in the shop.

Steel shafts start from $39 – including fitting
Graphite Shafts start from $69 – including fitting




Lengthening & Shortening Clubs

The Rossdale Proshop has the ability to lengthen or shorten golf clubs, if you have an old set of clubs you wish to shorten for a young kid this can be done, or if you would like that extra length   added to ensure you are not crouched over we can also achieve this.

Shortening clubs starts from $10 per club

Lengthening clubs starts from $15 per club






Loft & Lie Analysis & Adjustments

Having the correct lie angle is important to ensure the club head is square when it hits the ground, if your lie angle is not matched to your swing the ball has much less chance of going straight, typically if the lie angle is too upright the heel of the golf club will strike the ground resulting in the ball going left, and the opposite if your clubs are too flat.

The Proshop can check your lie angles and most forged clubs can be bent to suit the lie angle required.

Talk to the Proshop staff and they will be able to give you advice relating to lie angles.