Golf Deals – November & December

Looking for a cost effective, no strings attached golf club membership package for the summer period? Rossdale Golf Club has the best golf membership deals Melbourne. For the months of November and December all new member enquiries will receive the group package pricing regardless of age, experience or if they join with friends. Meaning, golf has never been more affordable. 

With no joining fee and no waiting list, we will even give you the ability to experience bayside’s friendliest golf course before you buy! Feel free to read more about all the perks of being a member of Rossdale Golf Club!

If you would like more information regarding any of our membership packages, simply fill out the Enquiry Form below and one of our friendly staff will contact you today.

Golf Membership Deals Melbourne

Category of Membership   Annual Subscription House Charge Annual Cost
7 Day Full Member $1,940 $100 $2,040
7 Day Member (31 – 40 years of age) $1,433 $100 $1,533
7 Day Member (21 – 30 years of age) $1,087 $100 $1,187

7 Day Student (21 – 25 years of age)

$533 N/A $533
7 Day Student (18 – 21 years of age) $280 N/A $280
6 Day $1,567 $100 $1,667
5 Day $1,387 $100 $1,487


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