Hole 5 - Rossdale Golf Club

Hole 5

The second of the four par 5’s at Rossdale. If the longer hitter gets a good drive away it is definitely a good birdie opportunity and get a shot back. The long hitter needs to hit a right to left tee shot (even though out of bounds is left) in order to have the opportunity to get home in two. The trees on the right side of the fairway will block your approach if you push your tee shot to far to the right. The mid range handicapper can aim at the left trees and will not get into too much trouble, however the closer you can play your tee shot down the left will make your second shot easier. If laying up there is not a lot of trouble, however an accurate shot is required due to the width of the fairway. The green is large and slopes back to front with not to much trouble around it. A miss to the right will leave you with a pretty straight forward up and down. If you unable to reach the green short is also a good miss as you will be looking straight up the green and be able to attack any pin.

To view a virtual tour of hole 5 please click the link below

Hole 5 Virtual Tour

Hole Statistics

Mens 475 m Par 5

Ladies 402 m Par 5