Hole 10 - Rossdale Golf Club

Hole 10

The 10th hole is a great short Par 4, it offers the opportunity to make birdie and maybe eagle! Long hitters will have the ability to drive the green in the right conditions. The main obstruction is a large tree just short and to the left of the green. Tee shots on the left side of the fairway which do not make the green will leave a chip and run shot under overhanging branches to reach the green. For a conventional pitch shot to the green the tee shot needs to be to the right of centre but be careful of the fairway bunkers. The mid range handicapper should think about taking a shorter club off the tee to find the fairway and have a chance of hitting the green. The best approach to the green is from the right side you just need to navigate the fairway bunker at 170 meters from the tee. The green can be quite tricky and usually breaks more than you think.

To view a virtual tour of hole 10 please click the link below

Hole 10 Virtual Tour

Hole Statistics

Mens 238 m Par 4

Ladies 217 m Par 4