Hole 17 - Rossdale Golf Club

Hole 17

A classic left to right dogleg with large pine trees down both sides of the fairway. The long hitter has an option standing on this tee. The driver or 3 wood can be played over the right corner leaving only a short pitch to the green. The risks involved are getting over the tall pines or hitting through the dogleg. The percentage play is an iron shot down the middle of the fairway. Keeping left of the fairway bunker. This will leave a mid to short iron shot in. The mid range handicapper needs to hit a drive down the left hand side, stay away from the right, there is no benefit in being too close to the right hand side trees. The green is built up high at the back with plenty of tricky slope and undulation. A bunker guards the front right portion of the green but the no go zone is over the back or left. A dip in front of the green leaves dead ground you cannot see when playing your shot in, so account for an extra ½ a club in your yardage. If you are unable to make the green being short of it will leave you with a pretty straight forward pitch shot.

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Hole 17 Virtual Tour

Hole Statistics

Mens 317 m Par 4

Ladies 303 m Par 4