Hole 12 - Rossdale Golf Club

Hole 12

Surrounded by bunkers at the front and both sides which are visible from the tee. The bunker in the middle is a good 5 meters short of the front of the green which makes it quite deceiving. The hole position however is not always to gauge, due the inability to see the putting surface. Therefore check out the pin position when playing the 6th hole. If you are unable to carry the front bunker the best option is to play to the left of this bunker, and a measurement to the front of the green, this will leave you with the simplest up and down and chance to save par. The green predominately runs from front to back and is the trickiest green on the course to read. If time is on your side check the line of your putt from both sides of the hole.

To view a virtual tour of hole 12 please click the link below

Hole 12 Virtual Tour

Hole Statistics

Mens 145 m Par 3

Ladies 121 m Par 3