Previous Live @ The Green – Captain Spalding

Rossdale Golf Club launched their first Live @ The Green event on Sunday the 20th November 2016. This was a massive day for us with over 800 people attending from the local community and soon, the event was generating support from the whole Bayside Area, giving us the amazing ability to run TWO LIVE @ THE GREEN’S A YEAR !

Captain Spalding opened the day at the gazebo with perfect weather! When the sun was on the green so were the 800 guests, dancing and singing along. The kitchen was making buckets of hot chips, burgers, hot jam doughnuts and more while the bar was selling beer, wine and soft drink. It was an amazing event with kids face painters and more walking through the space and children playing on the green. 

This first ever Live @ The Green has become a highlight of the year for the whole Bayside area.