At Rossdale, the emphasis is on enjoying yourself and your golf, so we make the transition to memberships as easy as possible.  There is no waiting list and paperwork is minimal.

Subscription fees and charges

For a complete list of subscriptions and charges 2017-18 Category Costs & Information. The financial year for the Club is 1 April to 31 March.  The joining date for new members becomes the starting date of their membership year and subscriptions are charged for the full 12 months.  Subscriptions can be paid annually or via monthly direct debit.


If you know an existing member, your application for membership can proceed without delay.  If you do not, the Board of Directors can act as your proposer.  Simply download the application form from the list below, or pick one up from reception, and provide the completed form back to the Club.  All new members are initially put into a temporary member category (no voting rights) until the membership application has been approved by the Board of Directors at their next meeting.

Information for Prospective & New Members

The club has produced a comprehensive booklet titled “Information for New Members” which includes a wealth of information about every aspect of the club.  Click here to download the Membership Information Booklet.

Try before you buy!

If you are interested in becoming a member and are keen to experience the course, you can book in for a ‘try before you buy’ round.  There is an outlay for this round, however it will be reimbursed upon joining. All golf bookings can be made by phoning the Pro Shop(03) 9580 4763.

Membership Categories and application forms

Membership is available in the following categories:

  • 7 day membership (full membership)

  • 7 Day Membership (ages 18 to 40) – Intermediate discounted fees

7 day 18-20 years

7 day 21-25 years

7 day 26-28 years

7 day 29 years

7 day 30-40 years

7 day under 18 years

  • 6 day (excludes Saturday)

  • 5 day (excludes Saturday & Sunday)

  • Lifestyle Membership (restricted playing rights)

  • Country or Interstate & Overseas

  • Social – Lite or Premium

  • Mates Rates (3 members for the price of 2)

  • Junior Membership

To download a membership form →

Rossdale Membership Application Form

If you have any questions about membership please contact the office by ph. 9580 1008 or email