5 reasons why golf is great for womens’ health

21st December 2021 - Blog Post

Rossdale Golf Club | Womens Introductory Clinics

Golf is a fantastic way for women to stay physically healthy. It’s great for maintaining social connections and keeping your mind sharp too. At Rossdale, we have a range of womens’ memberships and coaching packages available. Check out this blog to learn why you should get involved.

  • Stay strong, fit and healthy

One of the best things about playing golf is that it will help you to stay strong, fit and healthy. Regular walking will build your stamina. And hitting shots will build your strength. But golf isn’t just good for your body, it’s great for your mind too. Keep yourself active and your mental wellbeing will noticeably improve. 

Not sure where to get started? Try our womens’ membership packages

  • Make new friends (and stay in touch with old ones)

Want to make new friends or stay in touch with old ones? A round of golf is the answer. You’ll be socialising the whole time and this brings a world of benefits. By staying connected to others, you can improve wellbeing and broaden your social network. The best part is Rossdale has a number of womens’ social events on the calendar. They make for the perfect opportunity to meet new people and stay in touch with old friends. 

Keep an eye out for our themed bistro nights (they’re great for the whole family!) 

  • Keep your mind sharp

If you want to keep your mind sharp, then golf is the perfect thing to do. The reason being that it’s a physical game with a big mental edge. From hitting the perfect shot to counting the score to even keeping up with conversation, the mental stimulation (and benefits) can’t be ignored. You’ll love everything about this game and what it has to offer. 

  • Relieve stress

Feeling stressed about life? There’s no better way to blow off steam than by hitting a golf ball. Better yet, wear your comfiest shoes and get some serious cardio in by hitting the fairways. You’ll feel better in no time thanks to a good workout. It’s a great way to release feel-good hormones.  

  • Build core strength

Good core strength is key to an active lifestyle and a happy life. The good news is you can build a strong core by playing golf with your friends. You’ll naturally use your core muscles everytime you swing and rotate to hit the golf ball. Walking and generally keeping up with the play are great in this regard too. 

Book a round of golf at Rossdale

Want to enjoy the benefits of golf? Book a round of golf at Rossdale. We’re one of Melbourne’s most affordable public courses and we offer great rates to players. Enjoy a casual round or sign up for a ladies’ membership deal.

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