Why host a wedding at a golf club?

20th November 2021 - Blog Post

Rossdale Golf Club | Bayside Wedding

Planning your wedding but not sure where to host it? A golf club can make for a wonderful change of scenery. Boasting beautiful surroundings, a fantastic menu and professional wait staff, your guests will be more than impressed. 

Keep reading to learn why you should host your big day at your favourite golf club. 

  • Delicious food and drinks

One of the best things about hosting your wedding at a golf club is the delicious food and drinks. Choose a fully catered sitdown meal, or nibbles and tasty finger food. When it comes to the specifics, keep an eye out for perfectly cooked ribeye and porterhouse steak, tender chicken and succulent seafood. You’ll also find mouthwatering vegetarian options including fragrant curries and pasta. As for the drinks, think wines and beers sourced from the finest locations. 

Tip: many venues let you select from set banquets. Alternatively, you may be able to design your own menu. Just be sure to chat with the event staff to discuss your needs.

  • Beautiful scenery

It’s hard to overlook the importance of beautiful scenery. And a golf course won’t disappoint. Picture a landscape filled with native trees and flowers, winding rivers and lots of wildlife. Sounds great, right? Enjoy all this and more when you choose to have your wedding amongst the fairways and greens of your favourite golf course. Most venues will have a dedicated ceremony area with special decorations. And don’t forget, you can explore your surroundings in full and take lots of photos once the formal proceedings have finished.

Something to think about: Rain doesn’t have to ruin the party, as you can have just as much fun under umbrellas and gazebos. 

  • Professional event staff

The final thing needed to make your wedding extra special is professional event staff. Not only will these workers do the heavy lifting behind the scenes, but they’ll also greet guests and provide the overall hospitality. This means you should always go with a trusted events team that has a proven track record. How can you make sure you’re making the right call? Do your research and read online reviews. You can also ask your friends for recommendations. Keep in mind that event staff can make or break your big day. 

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