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Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 

70th Annual General Meeting

 Of the Rossdale Golf Club Limited will be held

Via video conference on (link details to be provided closer to date)

Monday 26th October 2020 at 7.00pm


  1. To confirm the Minutes of the Sixty-Ninth Annual General Meeting held on the 26th August 2019.
  2. To receive and adopt the Seventy First Annual Report and Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2020. 
  3. To receive reports of the Board and Sub-Committees.
  4. To transact any other Business of which due notice has been given.



In accordance with Clause 49 of the Club Constitution, all questions relating to the general accounts and balance sheet which will be placed before the Club in General Meeting, must be received in writing at the registered office of the Club at least 7 days before the General Meeting.


By order of the Board of Directors

Andrew Noonan

General Manager (Company Secretary)

Rossdale Golf Club


2020 Annual Report 

The 2020 annual report is now available through the members section of the website under Board Communication.

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Course Update

There has been excessive rainfall of up to 724mm to date. This has raised the water table significantly, leaving areas waterlogged. Another 25mils of rain is predicated this weekend, therefore the course team are doing everything they can to keep the course open at maximum capacity. However, the best solution currently is to move the teeing grounds to dryer areas further down the fairway. 

When proceeding to the temporary tees, please do so via the rough. 

Thank you in advance. 


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The Rossdale Ladies

Hello, well it should not be long now before we can all recapture some sanity and return to the course.  From communications it seems the office and groundstaff are working overtime to make sure it happens, with some bright and shiny new ideas for our well being on the agenda. This week the committee are saying a big hello to our 14th longest serving member in Annette Foster.

Annette joined Rossdale on 14/1/87 on the nomination of David Brown.  On joining she was introduced to Effie Eaton, who took her around to get her first handicap of 36.  The Lady President was Bev Walker, The Lady Captain was Jeannette Barratt.  While enjoying her golf,  along the way she gained quite a few achievements which include

1992 Secretarys’ Cup,

1995 Grandmothers trophy, 

1995 B Grade Champion 

A best Stableford (40pts) and a best Par season on +7, 

a Presidents trophy with Edith Vinton and

a Winter Shield with Sue Cole.  

She was on a team that won an Interclub Plate and a winning Pennant team at Werribee.  Annette has enjoyed many and varied positions at the Club for administration as well as the game.  She has served on the board when David Salter was Club President, she has been a handicapper, Secretary Treasurer, a Lady President in 1995 as well as two stints as Lady Captain.  

She was first Lady Captain in 2005-07,  then considering herself retired from the position it was Annettes’ passion for Rossdale that she then stepped up to take on the role of Lady Captain again when some goodwill seemed to be missing from former members.  

Each year the ladies hold a small ritual for committee members known as “committee appreciation day”.  Over some time this small get together became a little overlooked and was about to let go by the wayside.  It was with Annettes’ insistance on the importance of paying some respect to serving committee members that this ritual still exists. The current committee wishes so much that they could take a bow on “committee appreciation day” but in this crazy climate who knows when that may be! 

Thanks Annette for your committment to admin. duties and for showing your passion for recognising all the volunteer workers  that help build Rossdales continuing social life.  Annette has experienced some health issues of late but she is still on board and supporting Rossdale because of the wonderful friends and strong club loyalties that she values with the highest regard.

Congratulations Annette on 33 years we’re looking forward to resuming our Wednesday Ladies day and hope you can join us soon


Ladder Drill

Here is a fun chipping drill for you all to try at home.

This will get you ready for making plenty more up and downs around the greens and lowering your scores.

To view the video CLICK HERE

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Lockdown Help

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