We need our members support

With the current restrictions coming into place last night, our hospitality team needs your support more than ever!

Please support your club by ordering from our take away menu ! The team is also working very hard on providing you with the best service and meal options on the deck throughout the week so please make an effort to pick up some food for halfway. 

From next week, you will be able to order your meals when you collect your cards from the office! Enjoy an easy and fun golfing day with your delicious food and beverage ready for you as soon as you hit halfway. 

A sneak peak at a new addition to the halfway menu is a  PORK BELLY PANINI! Pork Belly, black bean, apple relish panini for only $8.5 !



COVID-19 Update

All members should have received the email yesterday outlining the new restrictions which are now in place.

For the safety of all members and guests it is a must that these rules are followed.


If you had a booking on Friday the 10th, Monday the 13th, Tuesday the 14th, Wednesday the 15th or Thursday the 16th your booking has been changed so please check the time sheet to see your new time.

Bookings for Saturday 12th will open at 6:00pm tonight and bookings for Sunday the 13th will open at 6:30pm tonight.



The Rossdale Ladies

Our first lady is Val Dawson! 

Val Dawson is our longest Lady member, having joined Rossdale on the 14/12/1965. That’s 55 years! 

An amazing contribution I’m sure you’ll all agree. 

On giving Val the 10 questions, her memory was a little fuzzy and she was not really able to recollect much of her long association with Rossdale. Some great friends of Val have provided some lovely stories for us to relate on her behalf. 

Val has been a most active member of Rossdale having participated in caddy duties for the Pennant Ladies for many years. In the past, Rossdale had many Rose gardens around the course. Val was the main rose pruner and took to this job with relish. The ladies all enjoyed the roses but sadly they came to the same fate as many of the fine pine trees around the course. 

Val was always first on board for the many yearly trips away to the Murray River regions to socialise and play golf, where she always has the “non smoking room” but everyone was quite aware to knock first before entering!

Thank you Val for all you have given to the club and the members. Your loyalty and great fun outlook have helped make us be known as the “Friendly Club.”


The greatest shot of all time?

We close off this little trip down memory lane with the greatest shot of all time.

Crans Montana in Switzerland in 1993.

On the last day after 12 holes Seve is 5 off the pace.

He then birdies 13,14,15,16 and 17. As you do.

Now he’s now tied for the lead with one hole to play.

On 18 playing for safety, Seve brings the tres madera out and carves it left to right into the rubbish where it hits the wall of a swimming pool on one of the adjoining houses and finishes 7 feet from an 8 foot wall nearly in someone’s backyard with pine trees everywhere.

Billy Foster (caddy) thinks the tournament is gone so just “offers him the bag” thinking he’ll chip it out, wedge it on the green and still be in with a chance. Seve is down on his hands and knees looking over the wall at a chink of daylight in the canopy the size of a dinner plate and Billy has no idea what he’s looking at.

Billy pleads with him to chip it out. “No, no, no – I see the shot Billy. Give me wedge”.

He has half a back swing because there is a tree behind him. Then he has to get it up over an 8 foot wall and he is 7 foot from the wall.

Over the top of the wall it’s a complete canopy with the exception of the afore-mentioned tiny gap.

Billy pleads again for chip out.

Seve hits the shot with half a back swing and dust flies up. 

There’s no noise  – over the wall , through the”hole” in the trees, over the swimming pool on the other side of the wall, over four 80 ft pine trees 20 yards short of the green and lands one yard short of the green behind a bunker. He then chips the ball over the bunker into the hole for a birdie to win the tournament.

First and third shots can be viewed on youtube but no footage of the greatest shot of all time alas.



Side Hill Lie

Michael takes you through how play from a side hill lie, one of the tougher iron shots you will need to know how to play!

Click on the picture to the left or link below to view the video.

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