Dear Members, 

We have prepared the following guidelines for booking and playing during the Covid-19 restrictions, these have been developed to ensure the health and safety of the Members and Staff and comply with Victorian Government regulations during this period.

The club acknowledges that this is a fluid situation. Some of these guidelines may changes to ensure all of our members have better access to the course. 


Major Points for course access

  • Due to large demand, other golf clubs have experienced difficulties with booking systems. If errors occur when booking, please wait a moment and try again later. 
  • Timesheets will be open from 5pm today
  • Only online bookings are available for members to arrange their golf
  • Time sheets will be open for members 48 hrs in advance for midweek rounds and 5 days in advance for weekend rounds 
  • This weekends timesheets will open at 5.00pm tomorrow
  • Members are asked to not book consecutive days to allow all members access to the course 
  • Please do not book your golf and then not turn up. There is an incredibly high demand for timesheet access at this time. Members who frequently miss their tee time may have their access revoked
  • Practice facilities are closed
  • Members will be able to play in groups of 4.


 Additional information 

  • Timesheets will only be a “one tee” start off the 1st hole. This week’s timesheets have been amended. 
  • Pro Shop services will be limited. Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase. No alcohol will be available for purchase for the time being. 
  • The Pro Shop car park will be closed. All members will be required to enter the golf club from the Sixth Avenue entrance.
  • The Sixth Avenue gates will be closed each day at 4.00pm. Members should be aware that the gates are automatic. Members that remain inside after this time will still be able to exit.
  • The ladies locker rooms will remain closed due to renovations. Men’s locker rooms will be open. 
  • Only one member per cart including personal carts. Cart hire will only be available for people who need it for their health 
  • Outdoor toilets will still be accessible and have been changed to a unisex bathroom. Please knock on the door before walking in.
  • All decking furniture as been removed. Please do not congregate on the deck. 
  • 18 hole golf bookings will be available from 7.30am until 1.30pm
  • There are no walk up starts, no guests and no visitors during this time, 
  • Play will start from the 1st tee (as a one tee start) with groups of 4 playing in 7min intervals. 
  • Members will be asked to remain in the car park until 10 min before their tee off time, 
  • The tee will close at 4pm and no further play will be permitted. Club competitions will resume playing stableford. 
  • No board events or major events will occur until further notice. 
  • Sand buckets will be available and will be disinfected after each use
  • Putting green will be open to 4 people at a time. We ask that you only take 3-5 puts before teeing off. There will also be a waiting area nearby for you to wait until the putting green is available. 
  • We have Box a box on the 18th for cards. If you wish to have your cards scored for a handicap please place in the box at the end of your round. Please do not return to the Proshop after your round.
  • As bookings will only be taken online, members struggling with timesheet are encouraged to call the office 
  • Lifestyle members will have access from 2.30pm 


  • Rakes will remain out of the bunkers with preferred lie permitted, flags will remain in the hole and are not to be removed. You can mark your own card, however verify the score with your playing partner before writing it down and then submit the card in the box provided at the back of the 18th.
  •  No pull carts will be available so members should bring their own or carry clubs.

Please read ALL signage, use disinfectant on every occasion and respect all roped off areas. 

Members are requested to adhere to the social distancing restrictions and hand hygiene to minimize the risk of spreading Covid to other members and staff. Members must not attend the Club unless they are on the timesheet. Members must leave immediately after the completion of their round.

Members are reminded that if they are feeling unwell at any stage they should not come to the club or leave immediately if they become unwell on course. Shop staff do not have the authority to vary any of these guidelines so please don’t place them in the uncomfortable position of refusal.

Any member not adhering to these guidelines will have their timesheet privileges removed, whilst we understand there are many restrictions to accept, we are implementing these measures in the best interests of all our members.

The Board and Management are grateful for the supportive nature of our membership and all decisions made are for the health, safety and well being of all staff and members of the Rossdale Golf Club.

The restrictions will be updated as often as possible when information is provided from the Dept. Health and the Victorian Government. We look forward to seeing everyone back on the course in due time.


David Brown

Club Captain

Match Committee Chair.