16 October, 2019

Dear Members,

We are always looking for innovative ways to improve the condition of our golf course. When we have a long dry hot summer, by late February our water storage is typically very low and we go onto water restrictions around the course. The Board has received a suggestion from one of our members to establish a water fund. The member, Chris Thorne, outlined this idea as a way of helping us to be able to protect our course better in Summer and also to provide better fairway coverage for Winter. This fund would help minimise the impact of the Summer water restrictions. If we do not need to buy water, then the club would put those funds away for the next Summer.

Whilst the board unanimously embraced the concept, it also decided that it would be better to make this optional as opposed to a levy. It has therefore been determined that from 1/11/19 onwards membership renewal notices will contain the option for those who want to do so to contribute $50 to this new fund.

There is no obligation to pay this fee but of course the Board hopes that members will support this new initiative.

Yours sincerely,

Geoff Charnley
Club President
Rossdale Golf Club