Farewell Rick East!

– Travis Stillman (Course Superintendent)

After almost 15 years Rick East has decided to hang up his earmuffs and retire as a full time member of the groundstaff. Having started in November 2005, Rick has a been a great asset to our team, being religiously “first in” in a morning to open up, turn the heater and organise whatever may need to be set up. Rick’s kind-hearted nature has seen him make many friends over the years at Rossdale. The sound of a whistled tune carrying across the fairways from a greens mower or fairway mower on a still morning will be missed. Personally, I would like to thank Rick for his input, constant support and above all friendship, although, I will not miss his constant “ribbing” about the demise of the Carlton Football Club. Rossdale would like to wish Rick and Julie all the best in their next step in life. I would encourage all members to personally thank Rick for his service to the club.

Thursday Arvo Boys Water Frolics

– Vic Wotherspoon (Vice-Captain)

On Tuesday 1st October another memorable RGC event unfurled on a beautiful Spring day. The sport and the club that gives you everything provided yet again.

The Thursday Arvo Boys assembled from 11am as they do and the banter commenced with the regular attendees participating in the usual unjustified and unrealistic predictions thrown in with a generous helping of – shall we say – camaraderie. With a healthy pool of $90 prised out of the combatants’ reluctant wallets battle commenced with the standard flagrant disregard of what the timesheet theoretically reflects.

The gem on this day transpired at the 5th hole.

Alas and alack for my dear friend and regular Tuesday partner Harry Eyre, he was left in the unenviable position on the completion of the hole to be bereft of golfing equipment to the tune of one. Due to the fact that the aforementioned was not in sight I deduced by a process of elimination that it may have made a bid for freedom in the dam to the rear of the green and after a cursory glance this indeed proved to be the case.

No jocularity can be obtained from such an unfortunate circumstance for Harry (at least his phone was in his locker) but the ensuing antics proved to be very entertaining.

As the stray rig lay on its side at a jaunty angle in the dam floating approximately six feet out of reach, we collectively attempted to assimilate how terra firma could be re-established. I attempted to hook my putter around the top of the bag to bring the bounty ashore. It bobbled tantalisingly two feet out of reach. Pearl of wisdom number one was provided by our dear friend Stevie Harrison. “Use your driver spoon – it’s a longer club”. Not sure how to hook a driver on to a bag Stevie.

As the bag drifted slightly closer I asked Denis to hold my hand as I stood on the dry part of the black plastic lining to re-attempt capture. Still out of reach but drifting closer although also sinking. At this juncture Denis provided pearl of wisdom number two. “We’ll swap Spoon – my arms are longer”. Think about that one.

I acquiesced to this slightly questionable logic advising Denis not to stand on the plastic inside the dam. Full of urgency and making the decision to ignore this advice, Denis proceeded to slide down the plastic and submerge himself totally with the exception of the wrist I was holding on to.

As he resurfaced with a shocked look on his face, I hauled him back on to dry land and re-focused on the task at hand. The good ship Eyre came to shore immediately after and the recovery commenced.

Two holes later Denis put his ball in the water on 7 – as he does on a regular basis – and it was a real shame that it was not visible since “Marine Boy” was now in a no lose situation and would have attempted anything in sight given the saturated condition of his carefully selected and prepared golfing attire.

Pure Rossdale. 

Punters Club & AFL Grand Final @ Rossdale!

For just $10 PER WEEK, you can join the infamous Rossdale Punters Club!

This friendly group is run by Bar Manager Gerard Ryan who puts gives two members of the punters club large stakes to bet however they want for the rest of the group!

All the winnings will be split amongst the Punters Club at the end of season race day trip to Balnarring on the 8th of March 2020! The final race day includes:

See the bar in person or call them on 9580 1008 to book your spot!



Live @ The Green is returning to Rossdale! We have a special MEMBER RELEASE of tickets early to ensure our members don’t member miss out on a fantastic event that will sell out!
Have the kids entertained by Katy Perry while you enjoy delicious food and beverages provided by Rossdale and some new food trucks. We will then have some classic tunes from the 80/90’s from Superband, building into the headlining acts of the afternoon, Billy and Elton playing all the hits you know and love! 

Melbourne Cup!

We had over 200 people attend our Melbourne Cup Day in 2018! We have no doubt that this year will be even BIGGER and BETTER than last year!

Gourmet BBQ, Races lives on the big screen all day, KIDS EAT FREE, DJ on the deck afterwards! Don’t miss another unforgettable event at Rossdale. BOOK HERE!


Corporate Cup 2019

Entries are now open for the 2019 Corporate Cup. This is best day of the year for golf, food and beverage.

Bookings will only be accepted with an upfront payment due to the high demand.

There will be a guest speaker for the night, and we promise it is an event not to be missed.


Last years event was SOLD OUT 3 months prior so be quick to secure your spot.

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Additional Member News

  • Book your spot in the Callaway Fitting Day this Friday via the Timesheet to test out some of the latest and greatest golf equipment!
  • Rossdale’s Stroke Championship, the Col Cowden Trophy Starts this Saturday!
  • Well done to Ron Dickson who cleaned up $950 in the Friday Night Members Lucky Draw! Keep a look out for the SPECIAL TEN premium meals commencing this Thursday & Friday in the Bistro. This week you can score Whole Grilled Flounder, served with a Spring Salad & a Parsley, Lemon and Caper sauce for just $29!
  • Junior Pennant is starting soon! To support the juniors, please buy medallions from the 200 Club Board! There are plenty of great prizes to be won!